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Memorial for Barbara Crawford


Remembers Long-time Member:  Barbara Crawford (1933-2016)

Submitted by Sarah Province with the help of Ginny Fan, Diana Kerns, and Brian Crawford.

Her son, Brian, told me that his mother said, “My friends will help finish those rugs.”  She was right.  Several Chapter members have come forward to do just that and to pass them on to her family members.  Barbara started a new rug at almost every workshop that she attended – and that was a lot of rugs!

Fortunately one of her friends, Ginny (Virginia) Fan, volunteered to help Brian sort through his mother’s projects and to assign several unfinished projects to some of her friends to finish and others to be sold along with her wool stash.  Ginny also has completed for Barbara’s family a beautiful rug, “Wadsworth”.  Ginny says, “Barb Crawford and I became fast friends while taking rug hooking lessons from Ellen Femiano.  Her Ocean Pines home was my home during rug school.  I will cherish the memories of dinners out, buying wool and hooking together for over 25 years.  I am blessed to have known such a kind friend."

I (Sarah) have known Barbara for a long time and stayed with her several times at her second home in Ocean Pines, Maryland with a group of rug hookers to commute to the Maryland Shores Rug School in Ocean City.  Barbara shared with me her knowledge of teachers there and in other workshops.  I remembered a rug project that she started in 2001 with Helen Connelly, an early Pearl McGown pattern, “Leaf Maze”. I liked the colors that Helen had picked out and dyed for her. Also I recalled that she had purchased a Bolivar cutter when they first came out.  So when Ginny told me what was being sold of her things, I asked about both, and it was my good fortune that they were still available for sale. I received a lovely note from Brian Crawford, Barbara’s son, expressing amazement that in fact, her friends were “ completing Mom’s rugs when everyone has their own current and backlogged projects. “ Pictured is her hooking of the Black-crowned Heron that she had begun in a class with Jon Ciemiewiez, which I completed.  It was a pleasure to hook it and to see it completed to be a part of her legacy for her family."

Barbara was a prolific rug hooker.  Her enthusiasm for the art form was contagious. I remember that she was still cruising the classes with her walker at the 2016 Workshop to look at wool and patterns. Her fiber art was chosen for seven Celebration (“The only juried exhibit of the year’s best hand-hooked rugs") :  Hand- Hooked Rugs, Volume IV -Slaters Village; Honorable Mention in Volume V- Rabbits; Volume VI- her original design, All Creatures Great and Small; Volume VII- Floral Fantasy; Volume X- Alaska her original design from her trip there; Volume XII- Song of Persia and Volume XVI- Mimbres.

Diana Kerns, President of Mason-Dixon, was contacted and she and her husband picked up 24 boxes of wool to price for the Chapter meeting. Members of Mason-Dixon, Holly Garman, Janet Lennon, and Cathy Suleiman helped her sort and tag the wool. The Chapter is finishing another of her rugs, Tis and Taint, which will be donated to the Church where the Chapter meets. Diana writes, “Mason Dixon, ATHA Chapter, was one of the chapters that Barbara belonged to and at this time, because of our large membership and commitment to service from so many of the members, we are able to take on projects like this: organizing, pricing and selling a member’s stash as well as the loving hand work of finishing projects.”