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ATHA Job Descriptions


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and, subject to the Board, shall have general supervision and control over its affairs. As chief executive of ATHA, the President will direct all work of the ATHA officers and committees, interpret the Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and provide inspiration to all for continuing service to ATHA. He/She shall serve as Chair of the Board and shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board; and shall recommend to the Board such measures as are considered desirable to further the objectives and broaden the effectiveness of the Association. At the Biennial Meeting, the President shall report on the general state of the Association and shall present for information or consideration any matters of policy or program that the President or the Board desire to bring to the attention of the members. The President shall be a member ex officio,
without vote, of all Association committees except the Nominating Committee. In the event of disability or withdrawal of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the title, and all duties and obligations of the President. It is necessary for the President to have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.


The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President when directed by and in the prolonged absence of the President. Prolonged absence is defined as more than 30 days. If the Vice-President cannot continue in these Pro-Tem duties or is incapacitated, the Board shall elect another Board Officer to be President Pro- Tem. The Vice-President shall serve as liaison between the President and the Biennial Meeting Chairperson. The Vice-President shall oversee the writing of the Biennial hotel contract with the host committee and shall
sign the contract for ATHA, upon approval of the Board. It is necessary for the Vice-President to have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.


The Treasurer shall perform the usual duties of the office and those assigned by the Board, and at the Biennial Meeting report to the members on the financial status of the Association. The Treasurer shall also:

  • Receive all monies of the Association and deposit these monies in a timely manner to a bank account approved by the Board.
  • Keep a proper and legible record of finances of the Association.
  • Pay all bills and accounts approved by the Board in a timely manner.
  • Prepare financial statements for presentation at each Board meeting.
  • Submit a year-end statement, which consists of an itemized report of receipts and expenses for the past year, and send a copy to the Communications Director for inclusion in the newsletter. Such yearen statements shall be submitted no later than 30 days following the end of the fiscal year.
  • Have Treasurer’s accounts audited annually and submit IRS reports in a timely manner.
  • Prepare the budget for the upcoming year for approval by the Board at its annual meeting.
  • Advise the President of any donations received for the President’s acknowledgement.
  • Certify all ATHA chapters.
  • Provide non-profit status of all Chapters for annual IRS reporting and insure all Chapters are reporting their yearly E-postcard in a timely manner.
  • Find out and report any Chapter who has lost its non-profit status.
  • It is necessary for the Treasurer to have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.


The Secretary shall perform the usual duties of the office and those assigned by the Board. The Secretary shall also:

  • Be responsible for incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Maintain the records and minutes of the Association and constituent committees in all activities, and ensure that the minutes are distributed to the appropriate body for discussion and approval in a timely manner.
  • Record all votes taken by the Board and members of the Association.
  • Prepare and distribute an Orientation Packet to all new Officers in the year they are elected, at the direction of the President.
  • It is necessary for the Secretary to have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.

Communications Director

The Communications Director shall supervise and provide supportive assistance to the newsletter editor who will gather, edit and publish the material for the bimonthly newsletter.
The Communications Director shall also:

  • Keep the Board advised of all problems and procedures of the newsletter.
  • Submit a report for the annual Board meeting, including a proposed budget for the subsequent year.
  • Work closely with the Treasurer to keep the newsletter within a planned budget.
  • Oversee the development of ATHA publications.
  • Be responsible to make sure the Editorial Board submits newsletter articles as well as follow-up with Board members for Education column materials.
  • Direct correspondence from ATHA members to the appropriate person designated to handle each inquiry.
  • Provide assistance to the editor as needed, including proofreading each issue of the magazine.


The Librarian shall be responsible for soliciting new materials, lending materials to members and maintaining a list of available materials; submitting said list to the newsletter editor for annual publication and submitting a report for the annual Board meeting, including a proposed budget for the subsequent year. It is necessary that the Librarian have access to appropriate information-sharing technology


The Historian shall keep past records of the Association; ensure that the archives are maintained in good order and according to the retention schedule established by the Board. He/She is to submit a report for the annual Board meeting, including a proposed budget for the subsequent year. It is necessary that the Historian have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.

Regional Coordinator

The Regional Coordinator shall represent the interests of members of the regions at the meetings of the Board and shall:

  • Be responsible for dissemination of information to all Regional Representatives and inform them of their duties and responsibilities to members of their region.
  • Assist in forming new chapters by giving information, guidelines, and hands-on assistance. Assist with the recruitment of new members.
  • Submit a report for the annual Board meeting, including all relevant chapter information as outlined in the Policy Manual.
  • Accurately record all Chapters after they have been certified.
  • It is necessary that the Regional Coordinator have access to appropriate information-sharing technology.

Regional Representatives

The Regional Representatives shall:

  • Act as liaison between the Regional Coordinator and the individual members and chapters within their Region.
  • Be the direct line from the chapters and individual members to the Regional Coordinator with concerns, comments and planned events.
  • Assist ATHA chapters of a specified region when requested.
  • Assist the Regional Coordinator in the recruiting and formation of new chapters.
  • Encourage new membership within a specified Region.
  • Continue to work with and maintain current members, while seeking to enhance membership in the selected region over which there is responsibility.
  • Solicit and be responsible to obtain articles for the ATHA Newsletter that are of interest to all ATHA members.
  • Newly elected Regional Representatives need to introduce themselves to their Region’s membership by way of email or letter in the case of those ATHA members who have no access to email. When a new member joins the Region, send a welcome email or letter.
  • Each calendar quarter, check the ATHA Website to make sure the information for your Region is accurate.
  • Encourage chapters and individuals in the Region to submit pictures and ATHA events for publication on the Website.
  • Collect annual chapter paperwork from each chapter in the region.